Primary Election Results (and a great, big thank you!)

First of all, thank you to our supporters! Without you, we would not have gotten through the primary. The 4 Your Children candidates want you to know your voice and your vote are important.

The MN Secretary of State posted the official results of the primary election. All results from the primary election can be found here.

What do these results tell us?

They tell us that we need a bigger voter turnout for the general election in November. We need every one of our potential voters engaged and completing their civic duty. We need our engaged voters to tell their friends to be involved.

We also need you to get our names out there by putting a sign in your yard, door knocking or handing out literature, attending one of our events, telling others about those events, writing a letter to the newspaper, or however else you can help.

We want to realign our schools with the purposes of:

  • educating and not indoctrinating
  • promoting equality and not a forced outcome (equity)
  • creating student self-confidence and not an oppressor/victim mentality
  • ensuring physical and emotional safety and not using an ineffective approach to discipline
  • protecting childhood innocence and not exposing them to harmful material before the appropriate age and without parental consent

As your school board members, we will make policy decisions in the best interest of the children in our district as it applies to their safety, well-being, academics, and preparation for life.

Help us make transformational change in our school district