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Kim Rishavy

My name is Kim Rishavy and I’m on the November 8th general election ballot for Rochester school board seat 5. I was born and raised in Rochester. I have been married for thirty-seven years to my husband, Jerry. We own a small business and have two adult children and four grandchildren. My husband, myself and our children all attended the Rochester Public school system and graduated from John Marshall High School.

The Rochester Public schools have had so many changes implemented over the past few years that it’s hard to even recognize that it is the same school district. These changes are very damaging to our children and has turned our schools into a political arena.

There is no place for political agendas in any classroom. Children have the right to come to school and learn reading, writing, arithmetic, science and history and not political indoctrination. Yet today, we see school as a one-sided political institution committed to indoctrinating children with a liberal/progressive world view while condemning anyone who disagrees with that view. Somehow, before parents were even aware, the inner core of our children’s education was changed.

I will work hard to create policy changes that remove political agendas from the classroom and refocus our efforts on academic achievement so that all children have the opportunity to become the best that they can be in a safe environment. This is why I chose to run as one of the four candidates for the Rochester School Board. We will stand together as a team 4 your children to replace political agendas with academic excellence.

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