Your issues are our issues.

“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.”

Theodore Roosevelt

School boards make and enforce policies that affect the culture in our schools. Which culture do you think enhances learning, social development, and parental involvement?

What kind of culture do you want to see in Rochester schools?

Current School BoardReimagined School Board
Increasing violenceStronger policies against violence
Allow disruptive classroom behaviorRestore discipline in the classroom
Out of control spendingFinancial integrity and transparency
More than doubled their salariesRollback to previous board salary
Political activismAcademic excellence
Sexualization of childrenPreserving kids’ innocence
Obscured curriculum agendaTransparent curriculum
Dismissive of parental concernsRespect parental rights
Equity (manipulated outcomes)Equality of educational opportunities
Divide students by raceUnite all students
Unconstitutional “Government Speech”First Amendment Free Speech
Policies influenced by critical race theoryTeach critical thinking skills