4 Your Children Campaign song

We’re excited to share the 4 Your Children Campaign song with our website visitors. Cale Moon, a talented musician, song writer, and friend of the 4 Your Children campaign, graciously recorded the song for us. Check out his site here.

Early in the decision process to run for school board, John Whelan wrote the lyrics set to the to tune of Jesus Loves the Little Children. The song lyrics describe the guiding principles of how John, Kim, Elena, and Rae, the 4 Your Children candidates, view their future mission to serve all families in the Rochester School District.

Did you enjoy the song? Do the lyrics resonate with you as much as they do us?

We need your help!

The upcoming election is one of the most important elections in recent history. We have a chance to change the direction of not only our schools, but also our city and state.

Spread the word about the 4 Your Children candidates. Go door knocking or help with a literature drop a neighborhood. Get a yard sign or banner. Attend or host a meet a greet with the candidates. Help your family, friends, and neighbors to the polls to vote. Sign up to volunteer below.