We are 4 Your Children

The Minnesota General Election is November 8th. Early voting starts Friday, September 23rd. Cast your ballot for school board candidates that will support common sense decisions.

Remember: Rochester School Board voting isn’t dependent on your address/ward. If you live in the Rochester Public School District, you can vote for ALL of the 4 Your Children candidates.

Check here to see if you are in the Rochester Public School district.

Your resources for voting:

Minnesota Secretary Of State – Elections & Voting

Elections & Voting | Olmsted County, MN

Voter Information Portal (state.mn.us)

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

Margaret Mead

“The great contribution we can make is to prepare the oncoming generation to think they can and will think for themselves.”

Charles H. Mayo

A child’s educational experiences will shape and follow them the rest of their life. Make sure it’s the right kind of experience that prepares them for a productive adulthood. The policy decisions your school board makes will influence those experiences. That’s why the 2022 Rochester Public School Board (I.S.D. 535) elections are so important.

2022 is the year to make the right decision for our kids and our future.

When you vote for your Rochester Public school board members, vote 4 your children. Kim Rishavy (seat 5), John Whelan (seat 4), Rae Parker (seat 2), and Elena Niehoff (seat 6) are long-time residents of Rochester, dedicated parents and/or grandparents, and ultimately, deeply concerned about the state of Rochester schools. They care about your children and our future. They will listen to you, respect you, and take tender care of YOUR children.

Kim, John, Rae, and Elena are the team that will help transform the Rochester public schools into institutions of integrity and excellence.

The 4 Your Children candidates are proud to announce their endorsement by the Minnesota Parents Alliance (MPA).

Go here to learn about the MPA.

Our children are the key to our future.

Your issues are our issues

Schools have changed since you attended. Your children and grandchildren now face increasing violence, chaos in the classroom, less focus on academic subjects and more focus on ideological indoctrination, and decreasing test scores. Their innocence is being lost. Financial irresponsibility is rampant at the district level. It is time to address issues that have continued long enough and only seem to be getting worse with each policy implemented.

When do we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

Who’s ready for a change?

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Countdown to General Election – November 8